English Summary

The Dutch firm of Van Steenveldt Vastgoedpartners (Van Steenveldt Real Estate Partners) works from its office in Oud-Zuilen, The Netherlands, and is focussing especially on the Dutch real estate market.

Vastgoedpartners is recognized as a trustworthy and dependable partner.
Vastgoedpartners focusses on real estate investment products for (small) business clients.

The real estate partners of Van Steenveldt Vastgoedpartners are professional market parties, specifically property developers, the building industry, and real estate investors. We also consider a number of selected financiers as our partners.

Van Steenveldt Vastgoedpartners is specialized in consulting and mediating in the realization of real estate financing. In close consultation with our partners we always aim to reach at the most suitable financing structure. We will take care of the whole financing process, starting with evaluating and assembling the credit application to and including settlement of the mortgage loan at the notary’s. In the case of existing financing Van Steenveldt Vastgoedpartners also takes an active part in restructuring and recovery.

In our relations durability is first and foremost. Independence is guaranteed, because we cooperate with various financing institutions, always project based.

In addition to being the connecting link between our partners and the financing institutions, our services also include commercial support and consulting in transactions of buying and selling of real estate.

Our services are characterized by: 
• Integrity
• Expertise
• Up-to-date information in a changing world of real estate financing
• Transparent communication aimed at finding solutions
• Creativity in finding solutions for various issues in real estate financing
• Real action and decisive operating

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